Privacy Policy

Evisory Pty Ltd trading as Evisory Success (ABN: 27 643 568 852) takes your privacy extremely seriously. This page outlines how we handle your information at every stage of your interaction with us. At any time, you may request a copy of any information we hold about you, or your business, and may request that this information be destroyed. 

The Evisory Group operates on a no cold call policy - meaning that we will never contact you unless you request for us to contact you.

This is how we handle your information:

  1. By submitting an enquiry to us via email, the internet, or by phone, you provide consent for the Evisory Group to make contact with you by phone, email or SMS. This information is handled in extreme confidence, and will never be sold, voluntarily surrendered or passed onto any individual, or external company unless you request we do so. 

  2. All enquiries to Evisory Success are opt-in leads, meaning that Do Not Call legislation does not apply if you provide your phone number to us. You may request that we remove your phone number from our system, which we will do. After this, we will never contact you again, unless you submit another enquiry to our website. 

  3. Any information provided to us is always done so voluntarily. We will never compel you to provide your passwords, or sensitive information beyond what is necessary to complete your project. We will never ask you for your credit card number, or information pertaining to your financial services.

  4. All information collected by the Evisory Group is stored in secure cloud servers with access controls and secure passwords in place compliant to modern cyber security standards. If we are made aware of any credible threat to your information, we are required under Australian law to notify you of the breach and the actions we have taken to protect your privacy. 

  5. We advertise on search engines and social media, which may collect additional information about you which we do not have access to. Please refer to their respective privacy policies. At no stage will our staff contact you without your express permission. 

If you have a query on how we handle your information, please contact our Privacy Officer on (07) 3326 2323 or email