Online Ordering for Restaurants

Sell more in your Restaurant and Cafe by offering Online Ordering & Delivery Service

Have you thought about signing up to food delivery services like Uber Eats but were shocked at how much they charge?

Why not cut out the middle man and offer online delivery straight from your existing website with Evisory Success

Better yet, the app is free to try out!

How big is online ordering?

With the rise of food delivery services by major international companies, and a suite of lockdowns occuring in major Australian cities, restaurants that don't have an online presence are struggling to keep their doors open.


Around the world, companies that have embraced an online ordering platform now say that up to 30% of their revenue comes from online.

Can your business afford to maintain the status quo in this new digital world?

What solution does Evisory Success have?

Our business model emphasises using platforms that have already been developed, and then customising the platform from there. This allows us to deliver a cheaper, more reliable and faster service time for our clients. Our solution includes:

Single Button Installation

Installing your new online ordering system is as simple as placing a button on your existing website. This brings up a small web application for your customers to place their order without leaving your site. 

No coding necessary for you. 


This means you are not paying for a web developer to develop a brand new website for you, and you get to keep the website your customers are familiar with. 

Accept Orders from an App

Similar to other online ordering apps, our solution means that to start taking online orders, all you need is a phone or a tablet - it could be your old dust-collecting phone

When you get an order, it will play a notification sound allowing you to accept or reject an order. You can even have a thermal printer to print out a receipt! 

Who would have thought it was as easy as downloading an app? 

Money sent straight to your account, or collect on pickup

The choice is yours. 

Whenever someone places an order on your website, your customer has a choice about whether to pay by card online, pay in store or via PayPal. 

Of course, you stay in full control. Evisory Success is able to cater for any situation. 

Paying with a Credit Card
Believe it or not, the core app is FREE!

Only start paying if you want to offer online payments, or have combo deals.


Otherwise order and pay in store, or by delivery is completely free every month!


I know, we were shocked too!

Want to find out more?

We know your time is precious, so if you would like us to demo our restaurant ordering app, please feel free to email us or give us a call. 

Phone: (07) 3326 2323


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